Dendrobium Seedlings Combo – 15 Plants ( Small plants )


Dendrobium small plants.

Able to mention the selected plant numbers in “order note” available on Check out page. below to “Billing address”



  • please note the plant size before purchase
  • Tissue cultured seedlings
  • 2 to 3 Inch plant
  • 1 and half years for mature


Names of the plants

1) Den.Aree Dang Green
2) Den.Ariy Pearl
3)Den.Airy Peach
4)Den.Bangkok fancy
5)Den.Fire Flam
6)Den.Pink Panda
7) Den.golden bells
8)den.airy gold
9)den.sakda beauty
10)Den.Maynin Uraiwon
11)Den.Burana Sunshine (Betty Cotto)
12)Den.Sakda Blue
13)Den.Cesar Red Captain Junior
14)den.banana smell
15)den.sweet blue
17)Den.Linna Pink Stripe
18)Den.Sakda Gold


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