Fish Amino Acid


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Fish Amino acid is a 100% organic and ecofriendly
“bio – tonic”, that supplements the nutritional deficiencies of plants and bring about the optimal growth of plants as well as yield.

Fish fertilizer is made from whole sea fish, processed completely in a organic cold process way. This process is to remove oils and fish meal, which are used for other industries. The liquid that remains after processing is fish fertilizer. After straining out solids, now remaining liquid fish fertilizer is ready for use on garden.


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ABTEC Fish Amino Acid (100 ml)

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS :  Fish Amino acid is a liquid formulation made from 100% organic jaggery and fish. The main active ingredient in this product is aminoacids, which are the building blocks for proteins. They also contain carbohydrates and protein.



ABTEC Fish Aminoacid is composed of rich organic matter and plant nutrients like aminoacids, protein and carbohydrates, which helps to meet any nutritional deficit in a plant and thus optimize the growth and yield from that plant. With the readily available aminoacids plants are able to synthesize more proteins and other essential growth factors, thus boosting the the rate of cell division and multiplication in plants which leads to rapid growth and yield. ABTEC Fish Aminoacid also promotes the growth of beneficial soil microbes. They also act as a repellant against different pests and also enhances the disease resistance of plants. ABTEC Fish Aminoacid also promotes flowering and fruit setting.


All crops including cereals, vegetables, plantation crops and ornamental plants.


DOSAGE & METHOD OF APPLICATION ABTEC Fish Aminoacid is mainly used as a foliar spray. The normal dosage is 2 – 5 ml/litre of water.

Foliar spray: Apply 2 – 5 ml/litre of water and completely spray the plant from top to bottom. For small plants this can be used for 3 – 4 plants.

Broadcasting / Soil Application: Mix 10ml of ABTEC Fish Aminoacid in 10 litre water for soil drenching.


Drip Irrigation: Apply 3 ml / litre of water per m2 of land during irrigation.


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