Grow Light for Orchids


  • his Fluortronix 25W(2x12W) LED Plant Grow light features 144 high quality and high efficiency LED chips to provide complete Full Spectrum Light to plant. With enhanced intensity of specific wavelengths, the light promotes healthy and faster plant growth.
  • Efficient Extended Spectrum Light- This grow light is perfect for all stages of plant growth. The Light consists of 3000K WHITE, 660NM RED, 630NM Deep RED, 450NM BLUE, 390NM UV, 730NM IR HQ LED Chips thus providing plants with the right wavelengths for photosynthesis. The light promotes photosynthesis, germination, blooming, fruiting, and increase yield and also ensures plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination.
  • Larger ILLUMINATION Area- With 120° beam angle and 20 inch gooseneck, this plant lighting is designed to provide lighting for plants in a large area. The flexible Gooseneck can be easily adjusted to provide more lighting for your plants using the best angle. These High-quality LED chips has been uniquely designed to improve luminous efficiency and deliver a higher PAR / lumen output.
  • Excellent HEAT DISSIPATION- The bulbs have a aluminium fins base which provides highly efficient heat dissipation from the bulbs. It also has characteristics of low heat generation, low power consumption and high luminous efficiency.


Fluortronix 25W 144LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants for Seedling Growing Fruiting
 Full Spectrum, Flexible Gooseneck and Replaceable Bulbs - Silver


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