Healing Orchids


Healing Orchids is authored by eastern and western medical clinicians. Examples are given of the medicinal use of the orchids. Dendrobium huoshanese (Huoshan Shihu) has been widely recognized to boost human immune system. Vanilla is used to treat hysteria, gastric ulcers and to help digestion. Gastrodia elata tuber (Tianma) has been used to lower hypertension. This book is easy to read and is suitable for readers who are curious about what kind of orchids can be used as medicinal plants.


Famed for their exotic beauty and richness in variety, orchids may be found in all continents of the world except Antarctica. Although the plants are widely cultivated both in homes and farms, few people realize that many species of orchids have legendary healing qualities that have been used for centuries by Chinese, Ayurvedic and other traditional medicines for such conditions as skin eczema, depression, indigestion, heart disease and high blood pressure.This little highly-readable volume with beautiful illustrations helps you discover fascinating plants that are pleasing to behold yet may also help you attain good health. Read about the Dendrobium as a yin tonic that improves complexion and boosts the immune system, the enticing aroma of Vanilla found in ice cream but also reputed to heal sexual dysfunction, Bletilla that helps in cancer cure, Gastrodia for post-stroke rehabilitation, as well as other genera and species of healing orchids.Written by two Chinese physicians with training in biomedical science, the book also offers a unique perspective of biomedical explanations for healing orchids.


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