Clear pot – 1000 Number


Clear Or Transparent pot.

Diameter:- 5.5 Inch

Height :- 4.75 Inch

weight :- 40 Gram

Whole sale.

1000 pots . shipping included with in India


orchid clear pot or Transparent pot

Phalaenopsis orchids and others which normally grow on things rather than in the ground are used to having their roots exposed to light, indeed they seem to enjoy it, so clear pots do give them a little more also helps the plant engage in photosynthesis. Since orchids grow naturally on a tree and are exposed dappled light, clear pots help make photosynthesis through the orchid roots possible.

the clear plastic pots allow the orchid roots to absorb sunlight, as they would in nature growing on the side of a tree. This means the roots can also photosynthesise and add energy to the plant.


orchid clear potĀ take the guesswork out of watering these roots; moisture and dryness are readily seen therefore you know without guessing if it’s time to water.

orchid clear potĀ also allow you to easily inspect the roots of your plants for pests, disease or overcrowding. This makes it much easier to figure out what the problem is with your plants when they are not doing well.

Terrestrial orchids can also be planted into a clear pot which in turn sits inside a standard coloured pot, you then can see at a glance what attention the roots may need.

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