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orchid pots with quality

What is Orchid



The two main requirements for a successful orchid pot are optimum drainage and a proven top quality product.

The pots were designed with input from many well respected growers within the industry before we finally decided on the design and sizes required.

For long life in all growing conditions the material we use is top grade u.v stabilised polypropylene and is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


These Orchid pots are exported to New Zealand, New Caledonia, Mauritius and National Capital Botanic Gardens of Papua New Guinea.Orders have also been sent to Singapore, South Africa, Hawaii, Brazil and the USA.


Orchids may lost due to the wrong pots being used, some new growers fall into the trap of using taller ‘Standard’ pots which hold far too much moisture that will cause the roots to rot and ‘Standard’ pots do not have sufficient ‘Air Vents’ around the bottom to allow the Orchid to breathe, which it extremely important.

orchid pots with quality

Other Options :- Clear pot or Transparent pot


Phalaenopsis orchids and others which normally grow on things rather than in the ground are used to having their roots exposed to light, indeed they seem to enjoy it, so clear pots do give them a little more encouragement.it also helps the plant engage in photosynthesis. Since orchids grow naturally on a tree and are exposed dappled light, clear pots help make photosynthesis through the orchid roots possible. other advantage of clear pots is we can see any root problems and how roots are growing. we can also see most pests which may have set up home in the pot.
Terrestrial orchids can also be planted into a clear pot which in turn sits inside a standard coloured pot, you then can see at a glance what attention the roots may need.

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