Orchid Tray – 1000 Numbers


Orchid Tray

cost for 1000 Tray . shipping cost included with in India

weight :- 500 Gram

Width:- 14.5 Inch

Length:- 25.5 Inch

Can place 15 pots


Orchid Tray save money by providing a base for  pots to place instead of costly benches.  it allow plant and its roots suspended  in air which is good for orchid plants. can place . can place  many type of pots in it .. including very small pot usually comes with Tolumina orchids.


Orchid Tray is different From Humidity Tray , pebble tray :-A pebble tray is exactly what it sounds like: a tray that is full of pebbles. It’s also full of water, of course. The main purpose of a pebble tray is to provide humidity for plants, typically houseplants.

Orchids are examples of houseplants that can really benefit from a pebble tray. With a tray in place, you won’t need to spend as much time misting these water-hungry plants. You don’t have to get a humidifier or increase the moisture in the air throughout your entire home if you just create strategic pebble trays. The plant sits on top of the pebble in the tray and benefits from the moisture created by water in the tray. Additionally, a humidity tray for plants provides an area for drainage. When you water your plant, the excess will run off into the tray, protecting the floor and other surfaces.

The humidity tray is a setup of a tray, with a plastic grid or a layer of gravel/stones in it, and water. An orchid is placed to stand on it in its pot. The evaporating water from the tray provides added humidity to the orchid. Humidity tray available in different sizes providing space for single or many plants. they usually black and made of heavy-duty plastic.


 Humidity Tray


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