Wooden pot 8 X 8 Inch 30 Numbers


8 Inch Width.  20.32 CM

8 Inch Length 20.32 CM

4.5 Inch Height 11.43 CM

weight 750 Gram

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Orchid wooden pot  8 X 8 Inch.  Imported  wood. For External use


Protecting plants from extreme temperatures. In summer, wooden planters warm up less than other pot types, so the roots are protected from heat. In winter, wooden boxes protect plants.

Wood is not likely to crack in cold weather, and is slow to dry out.

Wooden planters can look great in just about any outdoor or patio setting.

Easy to paint – change pot colors and your container garden design using one planter set. Experiment till you create fantastic composition.

Disadvantages of wooden planters

Limited range available – certain shapes like bowls or figures are unavailable.

Sensitive to environment – perfect for indoor garden but sun, water, frost can damage wooden outdoor planters.

Pests can damage them – ants and woodlice consume wood and wooden planters are no exception.

Require regular maintenance to keep them in top shape.

How to maintain wooden plant containers?

Paint the planter if it’s unpainted. Repeat when the paint is starting to fall off. Remember to choose one that is safe for plants. Expect to repeat the procedure every year if your containers are subjected to sun, rain, heat and frost.

Provide drainage – drill holes in the bottom of the pot if there are none or not enough. Add layer of gravel to prevent holes from getting clogged with soil.

Add plastic layer inside the planter to protect wooden walls from moisture. Remember to cut holes at the bottom to allow water drainage.

Pl ace the container on the hard surface to isolate it from ground and prevent rot.


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